May 27, 2015

I feel the need to create. Naturally, as an artist I feel connected or at times even defined by my work, but deep down I really feel it’s the Universe expressing itself through me and manifesting it’s wonders into human existence. There is this constant battle happening within me between the art trying to make its way into the world and my human emotions either pushing it away or allowing it to pass through, assisting with love, care, or even anger & pain. I find it most rewarding when everything just flows through me into existence; when I don’t really have to think about what I’m making & I can just trust that whatever it turns out to be is what was meant to be in that moment. It’s representative of how I am feeling, the things that are happening in the world around me, but most importantly, driven by the Source and spiritually connected to all beings and all things. Some people ask what the symbols mean or what something says. Truth is, most of the time when I first create a symbol, I don’t know what it means. At times I can tell right away, other times it comes to me as life goes on, or sometimes it might respresent a feeling or a collection of moments in time. But ultimately, it’s not really about what it means to me or what I think it says – I want people to be able to connect to it on their own level; find their own meaning and purpose for it. That’s what it’s all about. The mandalas are a form of meditation. Drawing them allows me to be calm and center myself, and if people connect to them after, this brings me joy. I think every artist, or most artists, feel joy when people connect to their art. It’s like we feel understood - our purpose revitalized. I try not to compare myself to other artists because it’s easy to get discouraged and this will stunt the growth and development of my creations. Rather, I choose to get inspired and recognize other artists for their brilliance & hard work - I am grateful to them for their gifts to the world. The name “Daniel Sun” was bestowed upon me by an old and dear friend, a mentor really & I think it just felt comfortable given the love, warmth, and deep appreciation I feel for our star. The Sun is everything to me - creator of love and life. It’s the cosmic movement, raw emotion, and Universal energy that drive me to CREATE as the true purpose of life that I experience on the human level, and I hope to connect to as many beings as I can through these creations during this time and for however long thereafter.

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